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Shipping Dates:
December 4th,  11th, 16th & 19th

We hand build these lights and due to a surge in orders this year. We are now shipping lights only on these dates.  Order before these dates for your lights to arrive before the Holidays! Thank you for your support!

MK-II Smart Light 1500

A true hands free light, with “Smart Mode” and our Ethos Tuner App your light becomes a extension of yourself. Ride. Its simple, intuitive, set and forget kind of light.


  • Full Tune-ability
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Hands Free “Smart Mode”
  • Carbon Fiber Body
  • 92 grams
  • Multiple programmable light settings
  • helmet / handlebar mount included

MK-II Smart Light 800


Three Light Categories - Tap here

Three Light Categories


With your Ethos Tuner App we calculate brightness based on speed by using your phones GPS. You have all the presets to adjust how fast or slow you want your lights brightness to be adjusted.


Low, Medium & High.  Standard issue for climbing up off camber terrains with a few mid-town drops and downhill sections.


Flash 1.0, Flash 2.0, Low & High. Flash 1.0 is a classic flash where as Flash 2.0 is a steady state on mode with a pulsing flash. Switch up to low then high mode for descending at higher speeds.



Tune Every Mode

Adjust the outputs of each mode to your hearts desire in Trail, Road & Smart Categories.


The Flash You Want

Change the speed and the brightness your lights flashing modes. Maybe you’ll want a DayTime flash setting or maybe a NightTime flash. Either way you can always adjust it.


One Spot – All Modes

Simply see what you’ve you set all your modes to under the My Light Tab. These modes are saved onto your light. No need to pull out your phone every time to change a mode.