Ethos MK-I Helmet Light


Ethos MK-I Helmet Light


Our integrated helmet light is the versatile light you will keep in your pack. With a small space saving design and composite materials your helmet light weighs in at 85-93 grams. Giving you a total system weight of just 100-108 grams. That’s weight you won’t feel when the light is mounted on your helmet. Though this light is small and light weight, it generates solid output with a neutral colored beam. increasing your trail comprehension while riding as well as providing a more comfortable night riding experience.

  • Ultra light weight

  • Carbon fiber & 6061 Aluminum

  • Gun metal anodized finish

  • External USB Charger port

  • Full Color Battery Indication

  • Tactile Feedback

  • LED Temperature Protection

Model = 800 Lumen output

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